Network Fax with Castelle Network Fax Servers

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Instructions And User Manuals For Castelle FAXPRESS PREMIER. We Have 5 Castelle FAXPRESS PREMIER Manuals Available For Free Download In PDF Format: Administrator’s Guide, User’s Guide, Getting Started Guide, Getting Started, Quick Start Guide

Network Fax with Castelle Network Fax Servers

All-in-One Solution for Network Fax __________________________________________ 3 . 0 Which Castelle fax server is right for you? ___________________________________________ 4 Overview of the FaxPress Product Lines ____________________________________________ 4 Overview of the FaxPress Premier and FaxPress Enterprise Product Lines ______________ 4 Fax Bandwidth ____________________________________________________________ 5 Phone Interface: Analog or Digital? ______________________________________ 6 Castelle API: Custom/Production Fax Development Tools _______ 6 Feature Comparison Between FaxPress and FaxPress Premier/Enterprise ______ 6 Specifications and Feature Comparison Chart ____________ 8 Existing Document Management, Networking, and Maximum Telephony ________ 9 Information Security Features ________________________________10 Microsoft Certified ________________________________________________ 10 Ultimate Ease of Use ________________________________________________ 10 Time-Saving Management Features ________________________________________________ 11 Email Integration ________________________________________________ 12 Pre-Sales Support and More Information ________________________________ 12

Moving from tidak otomatis faxing to computerized network faxing is one of the most cost-effective productivity programs available for businesses in any fax-intensive industry. Network fax servers provide all sorts of secure ways to integrate fax into office, workflow, and email applications. Network fax servers help you process fax jobs faster, more accurately, and more economically than any standalone fax machine: •

Sending a fax using a network outgoing mail server takes ten times less time than sending a fax manually. In fact, the higher the fax volume, the more the fax host can save on financial investment.ia, time and resources. In some cases, streaming servers can even allow companies to grow their business, such as expanding their entire customer base, as long as you don’t need to hire additional staff.

All-In-One Network Fax Solution Castelles FaxPress, FaxPress Premier and Enterprise Faxpress Fax Waiters offer a combined hardware and software solution that offers all the features of community computerized faxes:

Automatic routing within the store to group or individual faxes or mailboxes, network shares or printers

Touchscreen faxing from copiers, scanners and MFPs including eCopy, HP, Microtek,

Articles from GoldMine®, Cardiff TELEform, Ricoh eCabinet and FabSoft Reform. Minolta, Ricoh and Xerox products.

Fax archiving, eliminating the need to post faxed copies of documents

FaxPress Premier and FaxPress Enterprise offer additional premium features, including:

Secure web-based rental interface, end-user access, and administrative fax function

FaxPress Premier/Enterprise Web Services SDK, which allows developers to demonstrate custom 128-bit SSL encrypted fax and fax output applications, and includes source-provided sample clients written in Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic, and Perl.< / p>

Drag and drop routing groups to individual fax or mailboxes, network shares, or printers.

Castelle’s hourly server licenses instead of user-based licenses for all Castelle products allow countless fax users at no additional cost.

Which Castelle fax server is right for you? Investing in a great Castelle fax server is like giving everyone in the office a complete virtual fax machine at a fraction of the cost. Whether you have a fax server from the FaxPress, FaxPress Premier, or FaxPress Enterprise product lines, or those product lines, the fax server model/configuration that an individual chooses depends on a number of variables. Fax bandwidth criteria, telephone or (digital analog) interface type and requirementsintegrations for enterprise/custom fax applications help determine the most appropriate fax server for the target organization. Whether or not you actually need the FaxPress Premier/Enterprise Advanced Deployment Package, which includes Web Fax and the Management Utility, may also depend on your choice of a server from the FaxPress, FaxPress Premier, or FaxPress Enterprise product line. Overview of the FaxPress product line The FaxPress product line creates analog fax servers for small and medium businesses. FaxPress servers range from entry-level single line servers to high performance eight line servers. FaxPress fax servers ship with FaxPress 8.x server and client software. FaxPress, the main server software, is installed on a file server or workstation on a network. Faxpress uses a network file server and can be a workstation (NetWare, Windows NT, Windows 2007 or Linux) to queue outgoing faxes and store incoming ones. However, the actual hard drive requirements vary.