New product_version configuration not behaving as expected #1342

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Go to Control Panel > windows Programs > Programs and Features > uninstall Autodesk software if this method is listed there.
If your Autodesk services are not listed under Conturol Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, use Microsoft’s FIXiT tool to uninstall Autodesk software. Add

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I will quickly update my main FAQ so that everyone can access it…

[Q] What do all the adjustments to what cwm mean? and should adjustments be used?
[A] CWM acceleration settings replace hardcore speed settings here, downloads It’s preferable to use the first 4 tweaks, as tweaks are optional and are only suitable for CIFS if your site doesn’t know what they do and you don’t need them. After

[q] After flashing this kernel screen, my home screen does not rotate properly..
[A] The wrong version is flashed on your site, maybe 2 of these release kernels, one specifically for Captivate and one during i9000, probably the correct one will say in i897 a word file, be sure it is there. p>

How do I fix Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package installation failed?

Trying to use the versions of Microsoft Visual C++ indicated in the Icon Analysis message takes a long time.
uninstall almost all versions of Visual microsoft C++ recommended in the error message.
Reinstall Visual C++ program by running desktop setup or even by installing a new appburning.

[F] After flashing this core, I have noise, crackling, etc. when using Bluetooth or making calls from gadgets
[A] Most likely you are using Captivate, this modem is a modified i9000 core to work with Captivate, so you must use a powerful i9000 modem,there is plenty to choose from (JK3, JK4, JL3 jl2, etc.) In the signature there is a link to which I attach the modem, where you can download

[Q] I’m using JPY or another i9000 ROM. Are you using the La exact version or the La i9000 version for the Captivate firmware?
[A] Need to flash with Captivate. The core is still the core of the i9000, the Captivate version will probably be redesigned to work fine with most versions of Captivate, the i9000 version is meant to be the real i9000

[Q] Is it necessary to disable the lag fix that came from a working previous version? (e.g. K12K to K12L)
[A] No, you don’t need to disable lagfix when upgrading to a newer version

[Q] I am currently using a lag fix. Should I remove the delay fix just before updating the kernel?
[A]les If you are using an image such as RyanZA Lagfix One Click Lagfix (OCLF), you must uninstall Lagfix first. However, if you are upgrading from a different Lagfix or Voodoo engine from Universal, uninstalling Lagfix is ​​generally not required. However, it is safer to always uninstall Lagfix before updating the kernel.

[F] What Lagfix do you recommend?
[A] you II recommend EXT4 All with Lagfix, a special SAFE Ext4 mount. With other lag fixes, there is a high risk of losing data files when the phone crashes and/or suddenly turns on or almost reboots

[Q] How is the new “warm” version different from the “cold” version?
[A] If the current screen is yellow to highlight the cold version, it will become more purple to balance it. If the screen is too blue, flash the warm version of the person, it will also make them yellow to compensate.

[Q] What is the difference between the 250Hz version and the 500Hz version?
[A]HZ is literally an internal timer used only by the Android/Linux kernel. This does not affect the actual timer granularity of some kernel executions. higher than HZ, the smoother the user interface should be, up to a point: too high a HZ value will just slow down CPU-bound tasks. However, the differences are very small.I

[q] forces me to enter recovery mode. Now at the 3rd me and I say that…

How do I fix Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable setup?

Solution 1: Reinstall Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 and Redistributable 2015 3 RC Update
Solution 2 – Check for Windows Updates
Solution 3: Reinstall Visually Redistributable Package Studio C++ 2017
Solution 4: Redistributable Repair the Visual C++ 2015 file.
Solution 5 – Delete these temporary files
fix 6
User comments.

[A] Follow my instructions here, it will take about 2 seconds, that’s good.

That’s pretty much all I can think of, if, well, I forgot something else besides you, let me fix it and post it wrong…

How do I fix Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 runtime?

open or remove programs.
Locate and use the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (x64) 2015 package. Click the Edit button.
Click the Restore button.

[COLOR="Red"]Install called by package
Find the update package
Open the update package
Redesign package overview
E: Failed to verify the signature of the entire file.
E: Personal verification failed

Apply multi-CSC
Installing multiple CSCs
Installation canceled[/COLOR]
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    How do I fix Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package installation failed?

    Try repairing the Microsoft Visual C++ mods that the corresponding error message refers to.
    Uninstall all versions of Microsoft Visual C++ listed in our own error message.Visual
    Reinstall C++ by reinstalling desktop configuration or by changing the app partfire.

    I got on the other side , I saw something about kernels for Captivate when I was looking, so I got curious. I recently flashed 10 perception.1 and it was great. Fast, no lag, every aspect is better, battery life usually dies after 8-9 hours of extreme use after a full charge.

    What I found out is that many updated/tuned kernels provide better battery life work. It’s true? Is this the only part of the story? It’s hard to change any part of the kernel (it doesn’t look quite right) could.
    I will)?

    I have seen in the video series “How to flash a ROM” (useful by the way) that the Glitterballs core *laughs* is good and works great.

    Is there any advice or wisdom from the gurus here?



    How do I fix error 1638?

    Go to Control Panel > Windows Programs > Programs and > Features to uninstall Autodesk computer programs if they are listed there.
    If your Autodesk software is not listed in Conturol Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, use Microsoft’s FIXiT tool to uninstall your Autodesk software. Add

    fascinated and haven’t looked into Amaze Kernel, but yes lately the battery life is better ….. Kernel flashed the same as rom in the result is not entirely difficult.08:27

    07-01-2011 PM

    How do I fix Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 redistributable setup?

    fix one Reinstall the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable and along with it the 2015 RC 3 Redistributable.
    Attach two. Check for Windows updates.
    Solution 3 – Reinstall the Visual C++ 2017 studio redistributable
    Attach two. Repair the Visual 2015 C++ Redistributable.
    Solution 5 – Delete temporary files
    fix 6
    User comments.

    How do I fix Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 runtime?

    open programs or Uninstall.And
    search for Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64). Click on the “Edit” button.
    Click the Restore button.