Disable WordPress cron for XML-RPC requests

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    wordpress is a customizable task scheduler that runs every program on a WordPress site. “shot” By I mean that every request using WordPress fires a search to see if any tasks need to be done and therefore if they are running. The tasks are actually performed by the server, which sends itself an efficient WordPress HTTP […]

    has a customizable task scheduler that fires almost every time a request is made to a WordPress site. By “running” I mean that almost all queries related to WordPress are looking to see if the tasks you expect are being completed.If yes. Are the tasks actually performed by the server itself by sending an HTTP POST asynchronously in the background? This is a rather nifty way of managing tasks, especially since allowing one side to ask the machine to run a scheduled task can lead to nasty security issues on registered platforms. However, if you have high traffic websites, you can get rid of WordPress’ built-in cron system and manually try to create a cron job on a hosted server running at the intervals you choose. Here is a great example of setups where cPanel can be easily translated to multiple platforms. For my windows, I would recommend either using powershell, which actually has a command named invoke-webrequest with two aliases, curl and also wget. If you don’t want to use powershell, I recommend downloading wget or curl from a trusted source.

    However, there have been major attacks on WordPress XML-RPC recently, and XML-RPC still invokes the WordPress task scheduler in normal conversation. Having an interrupted or incorrectThe generated task can cause each request to exist in XML-RPC and then initiate a POST to your http server, doubling your traffic. The recommended solution to help you is to view and check several of your cron jobs. WordPress doesn’t have a built-in way to do this, however, there are plugins for that. I would recommend WP Crontrol because you can always view, run, delete and improve tasks with it.

    For a .slightly .harder .method, .for example .when .clients .don’t .time .check .cron .or .maybe .the .system .if they .have .not .administrator .access .to .wordpress, .you .should .always .safely .disable .XML-RPC .for .tasks .cron .. To search for WordPress-style scheduled tasks, use cron The database key options array contains all scheduled tasks . However, before this option is retrieved from the databases, WordPress first asks many others if they want to control it by calling `pre_option_cron`. Returning anything other than the base data false will usually shorten the lookup. Then from the cron wall of other things returned, by array, I wouldsaid the search cron call item option breaks that. Finally, the XML-RPC definition calls the corresponding request-level constant XMLRPC_REQUEST, whose call is guaranteed to be true. Putting it all together, you can choose to call Sieve to return pre_option_cron as well as TRUE if this constant is set, which is probably cron job sprinting during xml-rpc . . The code below shows that this should work in the functions.php of the theme.

                    // returns errors, and false means you can handle it normally.
                    //All market values ​​except false are passed directly to the caller's help.
                    // In our case, _get_cron_array specified in wp-includes/cron.php is no longer the caller
                    // to enter the cron parameter, and the actual array must be returned, otherwise (correctly) stop it.
                    //Since we set it to true, we will safely stop cron WP.
                    returns 'XMLRPC_REQUEST' set() && true === XMLRPC_REQUEST;

    If you useIf you are using PHP 5.2 and earlier, you cannot use incognito functions, instead you need something like this:

    $value vendi_disable_cron_during_xml_rpc() function
        //Returning false means that this request is normally handled positively.
        // Anything but false can be passed directly to the link function.
       // in your case _get_cron_array defined by Wp-includes/cron in .php is the only caller
        // for cron-file and option, this method requires an array to arrive, it either stops (is cleared).
       //Since we're returning the market true value, we'll make sure WP doesn't run cron.
        king defined('XMLRPC_REQUEST') && fact === XMLRPC_REQUEST;