How to Fix Your Computer Without Calling Geeksquad

Most people who write for websites are familiar with laptops or computers. From the early days of IBM Compatibles start DOS on Modern PCs and Desktops, we’ve done and seen almost enough together.

Which makes things easier: Forget that the average PC user is not a convincing techie. When something goes wrong while using a computer, the average person probably packs it up and gives it to a company like Geeksquad for help. While there’s nothing wrong with this method, more often than not, you’ll end up paying a professional hundreds of dollars to something you could definitely do yourself.

Even though it’s balanced enough to solve every problem, one real technician can help you, chances are you can do it yourselfbut. Definitely worth a try before a customer trades your computer for a big wad of cash.

Sure, Like Mr. Spock

The first thing you should notice about computers is that they are very logical. It’s unmistakable when they work well and when they don’t work successfully. There is no fundamental secret in the operation of a computer. They are, of course, complex, but “complex” is not the same as our “magic” ones.

There are two main categories of computer problems: clothing and software. It almost never happens that something goes wrong and both at the same time. Material


If you’re having hardware problems, it means that one of your computer’s components is faulty or misconfigured.

The first thing to do is to become familiar with the main components of your computer.

  • There is a motherboard, which is usually a large circuit board that everything plugs into.
  • Next is the same CPU – logicalth human brain computer. It does the only thing you need to do the calculations.
  • Then ram Access Memory), incredibly fast memory designed for use by programs.
  • The hard drive is persistent storage.
  • The power supply provides power (obviously!).
  • GPU for creating screen image and sound chip.

One of the most practical ways to determine if a piece of hardware is indeed defective is to replace it with a known and working device, or install a suspicious device on a computer that everyone knows about.

If your hardware is working but your computer isn’t working properly, there might be something wrong with your computer’s system software. Let’s see how to find out what really happened to your computer.

Dance Of Diagnostics

The most important step in computer repair is correctly diagnosing the problem. If you really can’t find the cause of the problems, you can’t even begin to fix them.

Like an expert, you need to gather information about how the problem manifests itself. In other words, list the symptoms and circumstances of the problem.

Try to describe in detail what the computer usually likes (or doesn’t do). For a specific situation:

  • My computer won’t turn on.
  • My computer won’t start.
  • My computer won No Wi-Fi.

These are full descriptions, but this is a great place to start.

More details will likely help you get the right answer faster. If there are unique error codes, write them down. If the problem occurs within certain requirements, pay attention to them. If you were a chef who was doing something new or different before the problem arose, you are probably in.We should also take this into account.

You want to collect information that feels relevant and detailed. So what do you do when you think about this information? Well…

Google Is Your Friend

We’ll let you in on a little secret: the Geeksquad guy will probably Google your issue . The times when we have to memorize huge amounts of technical knowledge or refer to thick technical manuals drive us for a long time.

Most importantly, the Internet is full of people who have probably already solved the problem for you. Otherwise, there is also everyone on the web Someone willing to help , the person will find the problem.

This is why it’s important to be able to describe your concerns about your specific problem. The more details you enter into the search engine, the more relevant the answers will be.

The best thing is that you will find many forums on the Internet where youbut must seek help in solving your many problems. There are always some friendly geeks around these sites willing to provide free technology. All you have to do is provide them with the correct messages and follow the instructions.

In fact, you’ll probably want to start entering your amazing keywords right here on this online store. Most likely, we have already found a solution for you.

Hammer Method

The tips above are actually a surgical approach to restoring your current computer, but there is another way that is quick and reliable. However, in reality, this also means deleting your data.10

Windows provides the ability to Reboot your main computer to either a perfectly clean state or intact personal data and facts. However, before restarting your computer, first tryreset until the spawn point before everything hits the pear.

If your computer freezes and Windows cannot restart, your hard drive may have failed and you need to replace it, You will most likely install an operating system , reinstall the system called on DVD or USB