How do I secure remove private files from my hard drive?

This section teaches you how to use Eraser as a part of your everyday work. After you have learned the basics, it is recommend you read the rest of the help file to really understand how things work.

First, you need to download and install Free Security Soft: File Eraser.

Soon after starting File Eraser you will find out that it is divided into four interfaces available to the user, each having its own special purpose. You should choose which one to use depending on what you want to do. So, before actually starting, you must make a fundamental choice of which user interface to use. The three choices are the standard On-Demand eraser, the Scheduler and the Explorer shell extension.

In the previous step you chose the user interface, now you will see how to select data that you want to erase.

Now that you have selected the user interface and the data, there is one more thing you must consider before actually starting to erase – how to erase. You can choose from three different built-in methods.

Now that you have gone through the previous steps and selected the user interface, the data to erase and the method to use, it is time to start the erasing. But wait, before starting, Eraser wants your confirmation. This is your last chance to prevent data from being erased accidentally. Make sure you have selected only data that you really wish to erase; after Eraser has finished there is no way to recover what you erased. Now that you are standing on your toes, lets continue.


Preventing a program from starting

First, you need to download and install Free Security Soft: Startup Manager.

Permanently prevent a program from starting
To do this simply right click on the item you want to delete and choose delete. Alternativly you can just select an item and pres the Delete button or use the key combination CTRL+D Note that only the item is deleted and not the actual program. You’ll still find it on your harddisk safe and well. It just won’t boot anymore on startup.

Temporarily prevent a program from starting
This is a handy option if you want to keep a program from starting up, but still want to keep it in the item list. So you don’t have to add it again after having deleted it. You might have noticed before that before every item in the list there is a checkbox. To keep an item from starting up just click on it. When the checkboxed is unchecked the item won’t startup while booting unless you check it again.